About Me


Ray Stoeve is a queer & trans writer from Seattle, Washington. They received a 2016-2017 Made at Hugo House Fellowship for their young adult fiction, and are on a personal mission to include at least one trans character in every book they write. When they’re not writing heartfelt queer stories, they can be found hiking their beloved Pacific Northwest or on stage in drag. They are a contributor to Take The Mic, an anthology forthcoming from Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic in 2019. Their first novel, Between Perfect and Real, will be published by Amulet in Spring 2021.

They also write in other forms, and work in other artistic mediums such as multimedia, performance, and visual art. In another life, they reported for publications such as YES! Magazine and TruthOut. They are represented by the wonderful Lauren Abramo at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. And, because they know you’re wondering: their last name is pronounced STO-vee.


I also have a Patreon! If you believe representation matters; if you’re excited about queer and trans characters written by queer and trans writers; if you love stories centered on friendships, self-discovery, and ALL THE FEELINGS…consider becoming my patron!


  • I once ate a rattlesnake. After it was fried, breaded, and spiced, it was quite tasty.
  • When I was in middle school, I had 18 Britney Spears posters on my wall. Turns out I’m queer. Who knew?!
  • My students taught me how to floss (the dance move, not my teeth), and I’m pretty good at it. Ask me and I’ll show you.
  • My favorite book of all time is STONE BUTCH BLUES, and I will spread the good word about it until the day I die. Close second: THE OUTSIDERS. Close third: Anything by China Mieville. Close…oh man, I just really like books, okay? I should write them or something…
  • I published my first poem at age 12 in my school’s literary journal. It was a feminist poem, and I still have it somewhere.
  • I still love Britney.